Volunteer Impact can reduce your administrative workload and increase your volunteer engagement!

Streamline your intake processes

From application to interview to inductions and scheduling, our volunteer database software can help you get more done in less time.

Track volunteer training and qualifications

Our custom fields are amazingly flexible and you can search and report on any one (or more) of them.

Reduce the time required to generate reports

Aquarium volunteers can punch-in using a time-clock interface that feed directly into reports. Log hours and volunteer numbers with ease.

Easily handle a wide range of roles

With our volunteer tracking tools, schedule any sort of aquarium role: administration, guest services, scuba diver, facility maintenance etc.

“Since transitioning to Volunteer Impact software, we can now trust our data, access it easily and use it in a way that has enhanced our connection and communication with volunteers. We would highly recommend Volunteer Impact to other organizations."
The Vancouver Aquarium
"The flexibility of the system is really impressive. It lets you customize your volunteer portal to your liking: design scheme, banner, application, how you want hours logged, etc., and if you find that you have an urgent question, their team is there to assist 24/7. Better Impact is the way to go!"
Pacific Marine Mammal Center

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