Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity affiliates are discovering Volunteer Impact and loving the features our software delivers over their current system.

Email specific sets of volunteers in seconds

Personalised emails can be sent to the volunteers of a particular build or the Restore volunteers on the schedule this Saturday or based on anything else in the system.

Track training and qualifications

Store information on volunteer training in Volunteer Impact and you can access it on a tablet at the build site!

Let volunteers sign in on their smart phone

With our logistics software, Habitat for Humanity volunteers can punch-in at the build site on a time clock using their smartphones and then provide feedback on their shift when they sign out.

Save time with volunteer self-scheduling

Based on the qualifications you record in a volunteer’s profile, you can allow them to self-schedule exclusively for the positions you consider them qualified. Our volunteer logistics software makes scheduling easy!

What your peers say...

"This is going to be so much easier than how we have to do it with our current software, I think I'm going to cry!"
Habitat for Humanity - Burlington, Ontario
“Thank you again for everything you do! I cannot tell you how helpful you have been and how much I love using Volunteer Impact.”
Habitat for Humanity - Evansville, Illinois

Measuring the ROI of Volunteer Engagement at Habitat for Humanity

We are working with Habitat for Humanity International to empower affiliates with new ways to measure the value of their volunteer engagement in a tangible and meaningful manner. Those affiliates that would like to participate in a pilot project related to this are eligible for substantial discounts on Volunteer Impact software. Email Rob@BetterImpact.com for more information.

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