Volunteers can make a big difference to the healthcare experience for both patients/residents and their friends and families. With our volunteer tracking and scheduling software, we’re helping over 300 hospitals and other healthcare organisations free themselves from basic clerical work so they can focus on the volunteers themselves, and on new ways that volunteer engagement can make life better for hospital patients, clients and all of the people around them.

Easily handle a wide range of roles

From admin assistance to providing palliative support to helping out in the emergency ward, our rostering features can help make it easier.

Operate centralised & decentralised

Some data collection and processes can be established to be common across all departments or locations, while others can be tailored to a specific one.

Create a wide variety of rosters

Different hospital departments have different scheduling needs. Volunteer Impact is our tracking and scheduling software that can handle them all.

Communicate with ease

You can email all volunteers or filter in a variety of ways such as, “volunteers qualified to work in the emergency department, with a current police check, and not on the schedule this Saturday”.

Some of the hsopitals the use Volunteer Impact

What your peers say...

“Continuous improvements to the software and an easily accessible customer service team make their software one of the easiest parts of my job as a Volunteer Manager.”
Vita-Living, Inc. - USA
“I have been pleased with Better Impact’s ability to demonstrate a customer centered service model and a very responsive team.  They continue to adapt their program based on the needs of its users."
Fraser Health - British Columbia, Canada
“Getting Volunteer Impact is the most exciting thing that had happened to me in ages!!”
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

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