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Lori Gotlieb

Lori is a volunteer management leadership expert and consultant, faculty member at Humber College, as well as an internationally published author and workshop facilitator who has taught workshops to many diverse audiences, including Boards and Committees, Associations and Nonprofit organizations across North America.

Lori is a contributing author the Volunteer Management Handbook, 2nd Edition as well has having numerous articles published in both print and online as well as a subject matter expert guest on various podcasts in the nonprofit space. Lori has helped organizations with board and committee development, resource and learning centres, strategic planning and corporate volunteer programs to name a few areas.

Lori was a recipient of the Linda Buchanan Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management.

Lori is a board member and content reviewer for the International Journal of Volunteer Administration, past president of the Toronto Association of Volunteer Administration, past mentor for the Provincial Association of Volunteer Administrators in Ontario.

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Lori Gotlieb